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  • As a busy working mom who places a high importance on healthy eating, The Fresh Fork has been invaluable to me. Having a variety of freshly-cooked meals available in my refrigerator removes the daily stress of figuring out what is for dinner and gives me peace of mind knowing my busy family and I have nutritious choices to grab and go. The Fresh Fork's meal options are a much better buy than all of the fast food options my family has been forced to turn to when we are constantly on the go. And, of course, knowing that The Fresh Fork's "fast food" is wholesome, healthy and tasty, in addition to incredibly convenient, is priceless! Thank you so much for truly changing my life, both logistically and nutritionally!


  • Talk about a game changer! With a demanding job, a family business on the side, and two active kids...getting a healthy dinner on the table (in a timely manner) was a constant challenge. I tried slow cooker meals, but they still required planning and then ran out of variety. Far too often, I found myself frustrated by the arduous task of managing life at dinner time. The Fresh Fork has been the perfect solution. It allows me to plan ahead with little effort, and consistently provide my family with healthy meals; literally in minutes. Now, there is no more stressing in the kitchen, and far fewer trips through the drive thru. I highly recommend The Fresh Fork, to anyone who needs a guilt-free, convenient, and affordable method of keeping a family happy and healthy.


  • The Fresh Fork is my life line to eating healthy while being a busy working mom! It is difficult for me to find time to plan home cooked meals during the week for my family... it's even harder to make my lists, grocery shop, prepare the meals and clean up afterwards! The Fresh Fork saves me SO MUCH TIME. Even if it's just a few week night meals or lunches, it helps me tremendously. The meals are put together for you, so you just grab it and heat it up. I've been really amazed at how fresh the food is too. I've enjoyed everything that I've tried from chicken to salmon, all of the veggies, and carb options. I've tried the meal ingredient delivery services but those still take time (minimum 30 minutes) to make each meal and I always have a lot of dishes to deal with afterwards. The Fresh Fork offers great variety and helps me stay on track with eating well. My husband and kids enjoy it too.


  • The Fresh Fork service has made my life so much easier and more convenient! The food is fresh, delicious, and healthy. I have a very busy lifestyle and ordering this food has allowed me to not have to think about preparing my meals. I know now that I will always have the best food possible whenever I need it. I would recommend this service to anyone, even kids. No more fast food for me!!!


Get used to having your life made easier.

The Fresh Fork is a perfect fit for people with a busy lifestyle who still want meals that are healthy, delicious and satisfying.

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