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Setting Goals

SETTING GOALS! Keep up with Your Health and Fitness Goals in 2017

Set smaller, more frequent, and specific goals to get sustainable, life-changing results.

If you’re saying something like, “In 2017, I will work out every single day and not eat junk food,” you may come to find that taking such a leap in your exercise and eating habits will be very difficult.

Setting simpler and smaller goals allows you to make progress each day, week, month, etc. at a pace that will be more suitable to your lifestyle. Some basic examples of this type of goal-setting include:

  1. Challenging yourself to eat three servings of vegetables every day for a week.
  2. Drinking 8-10 glasses of water a day.
  3. Replacing your go-to sweet tooth cravings for healthier alternatives such as fruit or a homemade trail mix.
  4. Going for a 30-minute walk or run three times a week.
  5. Plan your meals for the week on a calendar including breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks.

Remember, you don’t need to achieve every goal all at once. Take it one step at a time, and once your body adapts to the changes you have made, they will become a part of your lifestyle. You will no longer need to think twice about drinking a certain amount of water every day, making sure you have some type of vegetable at every meal, or getting yourself to hit the gym a couple times a week; it will become habit.

Also, small changes go a long way. The results might not be immediately apparent, but you will see what an impact a few diet and exercise changes can make in the long-run.

We all want to see results in the fastest and easiest way possible. But in reality, a fad diet or magical diet pill won’t get you sustainable results that will help change your lifestyle into a healthy way of living. Just like becoming better at a sport takes practice, changing the way you think about your diet and exercise takes practice as well.

Many products and diet plans advertise a quick solution to achieving your weight-loss and fitness goals. However, a quick fix will only produce temporary results, and if you want to get results that will last, you have to train your brain to think and act healthier.

The payoff may not come right away, but with each day you practice a healthier lifestyle, the more you will be able to maintain the results. Keep in mind though, being healthy is about how you feel, not just how you look.  So, throughout your health and fitness journey, be sure to take note of the internal benefits you are receiving and feeling. This process takes time and effort, but the outcome of having a healthier mentality and lifestyle is priceless.

– A special thanks to the author- Jade Simon (Indiana University student and marketing intern at The Fresh Fork)


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