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The Fresh Fork vs. Cooking at Home

A step-by-step comparison of time the average American spends preparing, cooking and cleaning up after a homemade meal versus ordering and eating a meal from The Fresh Fork shows just how amazing The Fresh Fork really is!

In this busy world, time is of the essence for most families and it is tedious preparing, cooking, and cleaning up after every meal.  The average American spends at least 37 minutes preparing, serving, and cleaning up after each meal.  That doesn’t even include eating the meal!  Not to mention, the most time-consuming part of it all, the grocery store.

The average shopper makes 1.6 trips per week to the grocery store and shops for an average of 41 minutes per trip.  Additionally, 81% of shoppers will purchase items that aren’t on their grocery list and 51% admit to veering off of the list regularly.  This not only will result in increased expenses but you also will most likely be buying more food than you can (or should) consume for the week.


Total for homemade meal Total (without grocery store) Total time for The Fresh Fork
113 minutes (1hr. 53min.) 57 minutes 27 minutes

Many people do not realize all of the time they waste in shopping for food, preparing, cooking, and cleaning up after.  Think about all of the things you could do with 30-86 extra minutes every day!  Other than time, The Fresh Fork offers healthy menu items and serves them in reasonable portions.  Typically, whether making a meal for yourself, or the family, you may not know exactly how much you will want, so you make more than you need or have leftovers that don’t end up getting eaten.  The Fresh Fork gives you a healthy meal in a reasonable portion that is ready in minutes!


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