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Fresh Fit Tip: What should I be feeding my kids?

We all know that it is TOUGH to get our kids to eat anything healthy so I thought it might be nice to provide you a list of general guidelines, tips, and strategies that my wife and I use and that I recommend to my clients.

  1. Try to use the 2:1 rule. This means that for every one serving of processed food they should eat two servings of whole food. I’ve watched my giant (72 lbs!) five year old son sit down and crush an entire box of almond crackers in no time flat….and then he attacks the pancakes! I’m sure many of you have had similar experiences. Using the 2:1 rule is handy because it will help you balance out what is going into your kid’s body. So if they eat a serving of macaroni and cheese (processed food) then try to add in a serving of chicken and a fruit that they like to eat like apples.  For quick reference a processed food is something that is not in a natural state….aka….there are no oreo cookie trees. A whole food would be things like meat, nuts, fruits, veggies. Funny side note: I also use this 2:1 rule with College Students.
  2. Try to get some kind of a protein serving into each meal. A typical kid diet is pretty heavy on carbs….reference the almond cracker story from above! Protein is super important for a child’s muscle development as they grow. My wife and I try to sneak in things like chicken, turkey, eggs, and organic dairy. Our one year old daughter can eat scrambled eggs like they are going out of style!
  3. If you can just do the two steps above you are WINNING the game. Now we are going for bonus points by adding a healthy fat source. Including things like avocados, nuts, coconut products (water/oil/cream) and wild caught fish will help boost the healthy fat levels. I have our son on a liquid fish oil regimen also. We call this his “muscle vitamin” and we’ve established a solid routine of choking it down and then I have to feel his newly formed muscles. We do one teaspoon of Carlson’s Finest Fish Oil for kids (lemon flavor seems to work better). You can also try to mix this into applesauce, etc.
Henry is a little bit bigger than the average 5 year old!

Henry is a little bit bigger than the average 5 year old!

I get a lot of questions about kids multivitamins also. That would be a great addition. Just find something where sugar isn’t a main ingredient! We have our son using Jungamals by Pharmanex and he doesn’t seem to mind them.

It also helps a lot when the entire family is eating healthy together. If you lead by example as a parent your kids will pick up on your healthy eating habits! My wife and I are super thankful for a great service like The Fresh Fork because they make it easy to prepare fresh healthy meals in advance for our kid’s school lunches, snacks, and meals at home!

Hannah just heard that Mommy ordered Fresh Fork for dinner!

Hannah just heard that Mommy ordered Fresh Fork for dinner!

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